What We Offer: Intravenous Chelation


EDTA (Edetate Disodium Calcium) is the main component in our intravenous chelation. It has been shown and proven by randomized prospective, double blind studies, to be effective against heart attacks and hospitalizations due to high blood pressure. When administered, it can also reduce high blood pressure, as well as a possible reduction and/or elimination of heart disease medications. It may also reduce or eliminate the need for by-pass surgery or angioplasties in patients with blocked arteries. 

These same studies have shown that the beneficial effects of chelation are even more pronounced in diabetic patients. In addition, the removal of heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium and lead can improve or reverse many other diseases.  

For example, we have observed patients with prostate cancer, which undergo weekly chelation therapy, to have significant reductions in markers of tumor growth down to normal levels (PSA or prostatic specific antigen). Some of these patients have also experienced a reduction of prostate tumors as measured by magnetic resonance imaging studies. Other patients have experienced disappearance of tumor by digital rectal examination. 

The use of chelation therapy, which we have performed for the past 20 years, suggests most diseases may initiate or worsen by the presence of contaminants, that may in turn, be removed by this modality.  

The treatment lasts about 10 minutes, and we initially recommended six treatments weekly, in order to determine the clinical outcome and the course of next treatments.