What is Integrative Medicine?


Integrative Medicine takes into account all aspects that create, contribute, improve or worsen a human being. These issues range from the physical-chemical to the emotional, mental, social and spiritual. These aspects can be considered as solutions or causes of disease, respectively. The foundation of Integrative Medicine is the ongoing dialogue between doctor and patient, therefore, as a team, both can understand how to achieve the patient’s optimal health, how to know what are the causes of his or her conditions, and how to increase awareness to maintain great health and prevent disease. 

These goals are obtained by evaluating the factors that cause not only illnesses, but also the initial stages of these factors like lack of energy, sleep deprivation and physical pain. The goal of integrative medicine is getting the patient completely involved in maintaining an optimum health and identifying future changes in the body and mind.  

In most cases, the most common causes of illness, or lack of well-being, are one or more of the following:  

→Toxicity inside the body 

→Lack of adequate nutrition 

→Lack of exercise 

→Stress at home and/or work 

After meeting with the physician and identifying the above factors, a medical program is created to address the causes of disease. One of the goals is decreasing and/or eliminating the use of medications, which often leads to better quality of life. Three of the most important goals in integrative medicine are: better sleep, having more energy throughout the day and well-being.  

Doctor Marcial-Vega, as a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist (ABR) and Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), knows the importance of combining conventional and integrative medicine. His practice manages the needs of most diseases, as well as preventing them.